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SlimLine & Alpha LED Pods
The SlimLine and Alpha LED Light Pods integrate heat and LED light therapy for a complete weight management and total body wellness system.

LED light therapy is a form of non-invasive, holistic energy, which stimulates structures in the skin at the cellular level. Thermal (heat) energy increases and stimulates the metabolism and detoxifies the skin for healthier tissue and new cell growth. Body vibration relaxes muscles, reduces stress and relieves pain.

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How does it work?
The capsule is a traditional dry heat sauna. It's really pretty simple: Lay down and relax! The bed of the capsule is heated & vibrates according to your personal preference. Each Pod is capable of reaching up to 178˚F. There is no moisture involved and your head is not inside the machine. Instead your head remains out while two air vents blow cool air on your face. In addition to the heat benefits, the capsule is also equipped with LED lights. The lights serve different purposes that range from collagen reformation, detoxification, acne treatment, and treatment of fine lines & wrinkles.
What are the Key Benefits?
The Pods have a variety of PRE-SET PROGRAMS. These programs include an exciting range of LED light therapy and physical stimulation treatment options. You can read most of them here!

• Burns up to 200 calories during your session
• Stimulates circulation
• Increases your metabolic rate that contributes to weight loss and weight control
• Reduces stress, aches and pains
• Incorporates LED Light Therapy
• Increases energy
• Firms skin while reducing fine lines & wrinkles
• Collagen reformation
• Cleanses your body with a detox process
• Helps to relax the mind and body
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